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Terra and Kamisha, two biological sisters, one day decided to take their passion of making an international difference and change to the world by founding a company and building a brand that would allow them to collaborate together, which they now call "Sisters Doing More." 

I AM and I QUIT are the building blocks to "Sisters Doing More".  It is our intention to bridge together pain, purpose and financial freedom.

Kamisha Dennis

Kamisha is a loving wife and passionate wealth builder with a heart big as Texas.  Her personal mission is to help individuals recognize and stand in their truth.  From personal experience she knows how important it is to QUIT settling for less and aWAKEn the greatness within.

I QUIT Movement

I QUIT Worldwide is a movement that embraces stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing your true inner self to be seen and heard. I QUIT essentially welcomes an individual to confidently walk away from anything and anyone that does not support your true destiny path.  It's time to be Bold!

Terra Fontenot

Terra is a mother, leader, entrepreneur and motivational speaker with a divined mission to reach women worldwide, one women at a time.  Her endeavors, experience and education are just a snippet of her full destiny and purpose with Sisters Doing More. 

I AM Movement
Women Empowerment

I AM Worldwide is an aWAKEning women empowerment movement birthed to bring about change worldwide amongst women, children and men by allowing them to step forward in purpose with screaming “I Am Not Who They Say I AM”.