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Through the Wave of it All is a book and statement both Terra and Kamisha found to be relevant and significant to their journey of not just sisterhood, but also in identifying with their purpose in life.  Everyone is not given the opportunity to go through the waves of a "life shattering" sisterhood and live to tell and share about their experience. This why we are passionate about the development of this book and the inspirational defining quotes that are included to change at least one person’s view on life.

Our hope is for this book to act as a guide through your process of life and evolution of self. The waves in life are going to test you but the beauty of it all is in the evolution of the new you. 


Kamisha LaTrey, BBA is a mentor, financial professional, and business leader. As the co-founder of Sisters Doing More, LLC, Kamisha’s mission is to encourage, empower, and educate women and families to be mentally and financially healthy by using her voice as an instrument to the world. She is determined to build a self-love platform that will allow women of all genres to find peace in the midst of life’s unpredictable moments. As a native of Galveston, Texas, Kamisha LaTrey, is a proud alumni of the University of Houston-Downtown where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.


Terra Fontenot-Beard, MBA is an entrepreneur, mentor, and business and process development consultant, and co-founder of Sisters Doing More, LLC. In 2016, Terra was recognized as one of the Courageous Business Women Who Take Charge in Courageous Woman magazine. As a part of her mission with Sisters Doing More she encourages women and families to speak up and hone in on their self-awareness, confidence, and wealth building. As a native of Galveston ,Texas, Terra is a proud mother of five and an alumni of Texas Southern University where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.