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Through The Wave of It All

Through the Wave of it All is a book and statement both Terra and Kamisha LaTrey found to be relevant and significant to their journey of not just sisterhood, but also in identifying with their purpose in life.  Everyone is not given the opportunity to go through the waves of a "life shattering" sisterhood and live to tell and share about their experience. This why we are passionate about the development of this book and the inspirational defining quotes that are included to change at least one person’s view on life.

Our hope is for this book to act as a guide through your process of life and evolution of self. The waves in life are going to test you but the beauty of it all is in the evolution of the new you. 




Are you a Christian woman entrepreneur wondering how to go about your day with the world looking very different? Do you have questions like “Is it okay to sell,” “Can I really take my business online,” “Should I lower my prices” or “How do I stay motivated when I’m home all day.”The Coronavirus has changed the landscape of the world and put most of the world in quarantine. It can be challenging to navigate the waters of building your business when everything looks and feels different. This book is a roadmap to help you build your business through a crisis. This book gives you: A step by step roadmap of what you can do to grow your business even when a pandemic is happening. An understanding of why becoming a resource for your people now will result in them becoming clients later. The clarity and confidence you need to understand what to charge and what to sell during these times of crisis. Stories of women who have overcome their insecurities and done the impossible to inspire you to take the limits off what you think can do and realize you were created for so much more! No person or business will be the same after times like these. But, we can come out of this storm stronger and this book will show you how.

Promise Devotional

As a Daughter of Promise, the assets of your inheritance include the promises of God. Your inheritance is a written decree of scripture, declared by the process of your promise. As a daughter of the King, you’ve not only inherited the promises of God but the power of His decree. Through PROMISE, global women’s devotional, Daughters of Promise from around the world bore witness to the manifestation of their inheritance through healing, deliverance, and transformation. Each author tells their story as it happened yet describes the evidence and experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This devotional serves as written documentation and substantiation of how God’s promises have come true through some of life’s most strenuous, obscure, questionable, and unexpected places in their lives. PROMISE takes readers on a journey of breaking through to breaking free. Each devotional carries a breaker anointing, where God’s supernatural power breaks the strongholds of bondage in business, health, ministry, faith, healing, mental health, family, marriage, and other life situations through His steadfast and resolute Word. You are the witness to declare the truth of His decree! Remember, a promise is a promise is a promise.

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