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Oh chile, let me tell you!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Oh chile, where do I start. So today I woke up thinking what is really going on? I know we are all sitting on edge, watching the news and scrolling social media waiting on the next big breaking news story. Truth is we know that this is far from over and only just beginning. Everything has been postponed and or cancelled dang near to the end of summer. This is not how any of us thought #2020 would go, right!!

When the ball dropped on December 31, 2019 most people predicted that #2020 was going to be full of life changing experiences and we would all see things much clearer, you know because we now have that 2020 vision. The way I see it, no pun intended, we are in fact having a life changing #experience and before it's all over we will, or should, see things much clearer than before. Our world as we know it has been turned upside down and will never be the same. We will remember 2020 in more ways than one. The way we move and operate or just connect with one another has us all probably feeling like we are in the next Will Smith movie. I say that because his movies always seem to give us a glimpse into a future we can feel but just can’t imagine really happening.

Words like social distancing, #pandemic, mask and gloves are dictating our next move and we don’t want to conform but do we really have a choice? People are dying and we all feel helpless and we are scared out of our minds cause deep down we just don’t want to be next.

Let’s flip the script, let’s say we make it out alive and now we need to account for the countless months, weeks, days and hours we were home with all this free time. Let’s avoid that empty feeling in the pit of our stomachs because we did nothing. Let’s start today and despite the craziness going on around us, let's pull the best parts of ourselves together and give 2020 a chance to be #worth more than what we are feeling right now.

Write that business plan, write that book, write in that #journal and make every moment you are spending isolated worth your time!! Someone needs your product, needs to read your words, needs to be #encouraged. It's time to stop sitting on your amazing ideas and let them loose!

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